Old co-worker from a help desk job messaged me asking if i could build him a program. Was gonna turn him down but decided to ask what it was before I did.

Actually like the idea of the project, seems like something I'd have done if I ever thought of it. It's not outside my skill level and I won't have to learn too much to pull it off how he wants. And it's something I can easily adapt for my own use cases later.

Also it's not for sole-ly him, it's for a TCG shop he volunteers at so technically I can list this as volunteer work (i think) if I ever need volunteer experience for anything

Alright guess I'm gonna work on the app this weekend and see what I can do.

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    Outside of professionally or working with other devs... I feel like I would worry just a little that writing something for someone like this would possibly endanger that relationship... ;)
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    @N00bPancakes He's a co-worker from a job i had like 2 years ago, if it wasn't for being in similar circles online i probably wouldn't talk to him much anymore. if he decides to no longer talk to me fore some reason because of this project then that's his problem. lol
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    I have done something like this and regretted it later. I hope it is successful.
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