I wanted to play Pirates under DOS back then, but it didn't have the left-handed mouse button switch like Windows.

So I opened the mouse, scratched the PCB button lines away, soldered wires cross-over, and had a left-handed mouse also under DOS.

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    You could also turn the mouse around and learn how to click with the palm of your hands and how to move the mouse with inverted axis.
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    Excellent !

    Also solves that modern issue of Windows OS left handed setting only applying after you login..

    I guess ideally mice should have physical switches so you can choose.
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    Damn thats cool
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    I had a customer on the phone doing that once, took me quite a few minutes to understand why their mouse seemed to be acting up !
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    @Nanos I wonder if they complain about their shoes being uncomfortable, only to find out they were wearing them backwards.
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    I had a daughter like that.. (Not biologically related.)

    Always had to check her shoes was on the correct feet before leaving the house.

    I wonder if she ever grew out of it ?
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