i work on a music streaming app.

bug: playlist description shows there are X songs inside. But when you go inside it says there are Y songs in the list. the list actually containing Y songs.

hack: when a user goes in, cache Y and display it outside in the description next time.

result: user sees X songs in playlist description, goes in playlist and sees Y songs. goes back to check why it said X before but now it doesnt say X anymore coz we cached Y and display that in the description from now on so the user assumes they are imagining things

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    You will make users crazy lol. This is clearly a backend issue. They should fetch the correct number in playlist description endpoint!
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    Ah yes, fooling dumb users
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    Love the creativity
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    That's pure evil right there
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    just gaslight your users lmao
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    Friends from a news agency showed me how they gaslight users into looking around on the page by starting the carousel on something really bizarre that immediately rolls over and gets deleted.
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    @Lor-inc evil. i like that
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    Don't gaslight people like that!

    Its funny and evil at the same time!

    This made me feel weird!

    First I was like: 'hahaha, that's clever!', then I was like: 'wait, that's pure textbook gaslight move, people will think thy are developing dementia or some sh1t! '
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    @Lor-inc - well I would feel like I'm part of some weird movie from David Lynch!
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    @devJs The picture is either of giraffes mating, a weird meme-ish drawing of a giant trump with large barrels of Lysol, a photorealistic Escher cube with a stock photo of a scientist or a drawing of a countrywide well-known bridge collapsed after ww2 but transformed to look like a digital photo.
    So basically things that make you curious less because they're interesting and more because what article could possibly have that banner image?
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    as a QA Egineer I would have never let this go to prod!!! xD
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    You monster
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    user thinks he's imagining things?

    my first thought would be towards the app: "congrats on re-counting correctly"
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