Something that I'm utterly ashamed of.

Had to add text message and call communication functionality in one of the products.

Boss shrunk the deadline to two days ETA.

Didn't know jackshit about twilio.

Meeting with client:

Client - So the communication thing is done right?
Me - Yyeahhh
Client - Let's try it then. *Calls himself*
Me - *Calls the API directly from my phone*

Client got out happy. Nobody knows what actually happened there. I didn't even talk to my colleagues about this. Boss gave me bonus to pull of the impossible. I added the feature after a week of the incident.

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    A successful case of “fake it until you make it“

    Its not what I would recommend ;)

    But when it pays of like this there just are no looser in the deal.

    The customer is happy and got what they wanted by the time they really needed it, your boss is happy that you delivered and you got a bonus ;)
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    Well played
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    Well played!
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    Good game!
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    What did you put in a commit message?
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    @cprn I still could setup preliminary part of it. Just the fact that it wasn't connected to anything yet. All I had to do was to not have the module register in the main module ;)
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    I built a fully featured video conferencing solution based on twilio like this in 3 weeks, at the start of this pandemic.
    For the first 4 out of 3 weeks I kept praying no-one checks the recordings, because they didn't work and were the primary requirement.
    Learnt a lot about product managers' outlook, and the simplicity of twilio during this time. :D
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    I'd have you on my team for sure. Crafty SOB.
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