Dug up decrepit FSF code from 2001 from a random Apple FTP that was indexed online, throw into toolchain from 2004 that doesn't provide extensions, and it fucking worked.

This was last week.

I don't know how the fuck DOS programs are still made for the original machines, the only decent toolchain is DJGPP but it needs 32-bit DOS extenders and a Pentium 3 with 128MB RAM minimum to run anything compiled with it, which sure as shit doesn't target appropriate DOS hardware (which is, on average, prolly a 386 with 4MB of RAM or so, considering most hardware still running meets DOOM minimum spec?)

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    I guess they still have the original toolchains?
    What I find interesting, is that DJGPP requires a Pentium 3 and 128 MB RAM, when Quake - which was written in it - works on 8 MB and on drastically older things than a pentium 3.
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    @sbiewald That's just what i'm finding, and i'm using a new version of DJGPP with GCC 10.x, which may also be why.
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