I got a fuzzy understanding of differences between Platform as a Service (PaaS) , Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

I wanted you guy to clarify it for me. For me

IaaS = You choose how much RAM , CPU , Storage you wanted and the provider create the OS for you by virtualization technology and you can do whatever you want on that OS

PaaS = The provider said here is a services (database , docker ,---etc) we offer to help you develop your own software. You use the service we offer and we charge you by how much you use our service.

SaaS = The provider said here is the complete software. You can just use the software and we charge you how many request you send or how many data you store,--etc.

Is the differences between IaaS and dedicated server is that in IaaS you may share the server with other client by virtualization and dedicated server give you the whole server?

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    Does it mean you will get back to it (pin it)?

    I am not fluent in modern communication method :)
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    @mr-user It means "I want notifs for any comment here". Same for me ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I believe a dedicated server grants you a full server without virtualization and a virtual machine is just that, virtual.

    IaaS refers to the maintanance, cables, cooling and hardware that a provider handles for you
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    In IaaS , they install the virtual OS for you right. Otherwise how can I access it?
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    @mr-user yes, IaaS and dedicated servers are not 2 mutually exclusive things.

    You can also just have a bare-metal server with ssh installed, which I believe is a dedicated server

    At least, that's how I understand it
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    That's also how I understand it which is way it is confusing.

    Why did they need different word for the same thing? Marketing?

    In order to ssh into something , you got to have the OS right? That OS will be created by the provider based on the spec you choose.

    Can you tell me what you think of my PaaS definition?
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    @mr-user my definition of PaaS would be 'throw code at the platform and it will run it'. Containers would be CaaS, databases DBaaS and individual functions (small pieces of code) FaaS
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    so the same as my definition of PaaS?
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    @mr-user yup, forgot to mention that
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    I see it as basically needing to manage less and less as you go through the options:

    On-prem - you manage everything

    IaaS - you no longer need to manage the physical stuff (servers, storage, networking, etc. You might also not need to manage virtualisation). Examples include Google Cloud Compute, AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc

    PaaS - you no longer need to manage the OS, the runtime, etc. Examples include Heroku, Google App Engine, etc

    SaaS - you no longer need to manage the actual software, any data, etc. Examples include Gmail, Devrant, Slack, etc
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    Thank you. That help a lot.

    How would you explain it to business people? Will you use the same explanation?

    I need to write a documentation about it for business people and I wanted them to see the differences clearly.
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    @mr-user I'd probably use a similar explanation, yep

    It depends on how tech-savvy these business people are

    If they're tech-illiterate then put it into monetary terms e.g. "if we don't need to manage the OS and runtime then we'll save 2 days per month" or whatever
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