So yeah, I am officially a product manager now!

It’s a hate love relation becoming a manager from a developer

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    You know happens now. We will hate you

    Unless... you fix the bugs for us
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    Fortunately , The only condition I had while saying okay to being a manager was that I keep coding along with road-mapping, so I’ll be doing more than just bug fixing ,

    I’ll be making bugs, fixing them and patting my own back for it
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    some jobs I see here on devrant proves that I either know nothing of the outside world or some things just don't happen in my side of the world
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    @mac-aga that's how it starts - 5hrs coding, 2hrs managing the team...and before you know it it's been 2 weeks since you last wrote code 😔
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    @Ezard you are perfectly right , I have technically been a manager since 8-9months now, just didn’t have the title. Ans what you said actually happened , but I made a point to code , if not for work then for myself , and now it’s 6 hours code , 2 hours management.

    To all those who are managers/coders , never leave coding because pure management is a shithole
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