Coworker: since the last data update this query kinda returns 108k records, so we gotta optimize it.
Me: The api must return a massive json by now.
C: Yeah we gotta overhaul that api.
Me: How big do you think that json response is? I'd say 300Kb
C: I guess 1.2Mb
C: *downloads json response*
Filesize: 298Kb
Me: Hell yeah!
PM: Now start giving estimates this accurate!
Me: 😅😂

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    gRPC, any1?
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    PM: *something we’ve never done before for a new product that requires a shit ton of brainstorming, prototyping and testing* so what’s your time estimate? I’m thinking 2 weeks is good.
    Me: .... *sigh*
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    The correct answer to "give accurate estimate" is "NO"
    It's called estimate for a reason, if it was supposed to be accurate we'd call it a prophecy
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    If it would be possible to give accurate estimates, it would be called "production" and not "development".
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    So each record was less 3 bytes?!
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