Some of you might appreciate this, thought I'd share.

I'm currently on the board for a new school, and one of the choices we've made is to require a basic software programming class (most likely python) in middle school or jr high.

As a board, we've decided that it serves a couple great purposes: teach critical thinking and understanding (even a little bit) how software is written, since that's the axis of the world.

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    @Flarp we were in an meeting, fairly early in the process, and I mentioned it kind of off-handed. It was met with great approval and immediately got voted into our core program. Excited to see what can happen with our school, with us striving to make better critical thinkers.
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    @Flarp that's horrible, where do you live?
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    I like your choice. Nowadays, all people should understand at least a little how software works and the development of critical thinking is very important.
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    That's true! I also believe that we need to get information and think critically. Without this, it is simply unrealistic to achieve good results.By the way, I wrote a college paper on the subject and gave me some good ideas and helped me write the paper faster and better. I recommend everyone to read it and use it at least once.
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