I really, really need an office. Today I've been in a meeting for 2 hours with my mum hoovering in the background and my sister playing the entire fucking soundtrack to Chicago. FUCKING KILL ME!!!

Every time I fucking talk all you can hear is "'n' all that jazz" in the fucking background.


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    Did you try telling your sister to lower the volume or turn off the song ?
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    Try to search for an office hub, renting a desk is cheap there and everything is included.
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    Tie your sister and leave in the corner until she learns to be quiet when you are working.
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    @iiii that’ll never happen šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    @bashleigh well,, in that case she'll have to develop a new kink
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    @zemaitis I’ve started building my own but bought the wrong sandpaper and still waiting on special screws. It’ll get there. Just so desperate and needed a rant
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    @ViRaS you don’t know my obnoxiously loud sister. It’ll be my fault for being quiet
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    @bashleigh You need to get dirt on her.
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    @iiii I like your solutions.
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    @subspace serious or not serious?
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    You need your own room and a directional mic.
    It will still be annoying but should be bearable then.
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    @Oktokolo I made my own little space :) just need a monitor now!
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    Looks like you build a room inside another room. That should work if it has a closable door.
    You could now add a solid green color to that smooth wall, so software can auto-replace the background in realtime while on air...
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    @Oktokolo haha. Well it’s in a shed so I’m very isolated. I was thinking of getting a shoji to go behind. I cba with green screening šŸ˜‚
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