Looks like I’m getting fired 😢

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    time to look for a new job. So sad that instead of trying to change things to be better, they are trying to make you silence
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    @elvieeejo they send these emails in Microsoft word format too 😞
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    They can go to hell? Also, vpn.
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    @SortOfTested doesn’t help with LinkedIn, how tf are you supposed to apply for new jobs
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    You can't view LinkedIn over a vpn?

    Edit: ah, I see what you mean. I would ignore LinkedIn. That's patently unreasonable and defensible in court.
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    @SortOfTested I would fucking quit asap**

    Fixed that sentence for ya lol
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    Nothing about it is reasonable. Did they determine that it was happening while at work?
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    Suggestion for your colleagues:

    {Outside of office internet} Make a new account, share the same stories and maybe modify them a bit (like, add actual names and remove your own perspectives), delete your own account's stories (if they are traceable to you) and then just abandon the second account and wait for hell to break loose because they won't be able to delete it or track you. And remember: it wasn't you who did it.
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    someone wasn't using an internet condom...

    seriously tho like

    a free VPN
    a proxy, maybe

    these aren't hard to use on, like, your phone (unless you're an Applefag ofc but y'know)
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    U should probably delete this post. It contains a name of someone in ur work. This might be considered PII and the memorandum might be considered company IP. It also doesn't take a genius to determine you work in IN, NC, or UT. Looking at the company website. Definitely TMI.
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    This isn't a joke, is it?
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    Oh shit. Should I not have shared this with ycombinator and dailywtf? πŸ˜†
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    Mistletoe, back beltloop.
    I have zero respect for corporate sticks, and would tell them as much. Probably by posting about it on devRant and sending them a link.

    If they have a problem with it, they can try suing me over my freedom of speech.

    Just make sure you haven't actually shared any confidential information or trade secrets, but you obviously shouldn't be doing this anyway.
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    @Demolishun maybe. But I’ll take this as an act of courage. This shit cannot be hidden from the public frown.
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    Huh, TIL that HR in a lot of places can actually legally fire you for not complying with this kind of shit.

    Godspeed and good luck, that's fucked
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    With that said, given the wording, this policy would apply to the entire HR department and CEO as well. Failure to follow should be constituted as a firable offence, meaning that if your CEO and HR could no longer have LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, etc.
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    Banning devs and threatening them with being fired for StackOverflow.... what an awesome idea.
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    That's horrible. I knew from the begging this could cause me trouble, so I almost never rant about my job. And when I do it's something they already know, sorta. They still don't know about this though.
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    Please keep developer rant updated on what happens :D
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    @SortOfTested How about just using your mobile data connection..?
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    I don't think this is unreasonable but rather quite normal. Normally when you sign up for any job, you also sign an agreement that says to keep everything confidential.
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    I also use a VPN over cellular data
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    A friends IT department got mad that their wifi access cards (Get a card, have wifi for some time) got misuesd for non work stuff. Thats literally why they introduced them! To give ppl wifi during breaks or for ppl that dont work there.
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    lol. What if HR sees this ?
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    Did you delete rants about your company? I dont see anything about it in your rant section...
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    Is that CEO name real or redacted?

    Requesting you to stop using social media at work is probably a reasonable request. I say probably because, depending on the country, if they allowed it before for a significant period, and did not say anything about it, they may not be able to just prohibit it now, unless it clearly gets out of hand, and impacts productivity at work.

    Requesting to delete your social media accounts, on the other hand, is definitely not OK since they are yours to use outside the office.

    Also, StackOverflow is, despite appearances, not a social network but a work resource.
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    "Developer rant". lol.
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    In for Glassdoor, linked in review bombing said company. Let's make their social media team cry tears of blood 😈
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    @SortOfTested I know this is just a joke, but for anyone in the near future that doesn't have a good common sense:
    It would just make the matter worse.
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    @c3r38r170 but it would be entertaining ;)
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    @v-vp linked in
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    LinkedIn, short for President Lincoln Information, ...
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    This shit is so stupid it makes me angry...
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    Gee calm your tits at office, be happy to get fired, honestly
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    If you work in EU theres probably more than a dozen laws that would consider it incursion of personal privacy. Also all stories on devrant are ambigous and never name companies. Fuck, it was cto in our company who introduced us to devrant and said to vent out because its healthy!
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    @provector Well, there are some companies we name...
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    Donald the CEO is missing a huge opportunity to improve employee happiness by actually listening to what they’re saying.

    Also, I only DevRant about places I no longer work at or my freelance clients who have no clue that DevRant even exists.

    But I’m still thinking of making that t-shirt or laptop sticker that says “Be nice to me or I’ll talk about you on DevRant.”
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    @stackodev Yo that's a great idea! @ DevRant_marketing_team
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    #ShutTheFuckUpSlave ....
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    Y they have issue with LinkedIn and SO?
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    @sadiqkhoja To decieve. I've seen that before.
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    You can change your DR username and keep posting.
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    Congratulations, you are better off elsewhere!
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    @qwwerty I completely missed stackoverflow in there. Holy shit
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    πŸ˜‚ why linkedIn?
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    If you would post that here as well, you would be going against that email. Results would not be good.
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    Dump them
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    That was stupid, I can't believe these managers and that ceo
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    @Waytopranav We haven't heard about her for some time...
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    >instructed to delete accounts

    Th-this is satire, right?
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    If Interactive intelegence reads this you suck balls ayyy hahaha
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    Stack Overflow is a valuable too so sad they lumped this into social media.
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    I just love the end.

    You'll be subject to immediate termination.

    Have a nice week. 😈. *Mic drop*

    πŸ˜‚What even
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    Just stop using the company internet for devRant.
    But stackoverflow inclusion is fucked up.
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    Stack overflow is the best Social media channel ever!
    *Dumb ass*
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    Delete Stack Overflow accounts?
    Do they not understand how software development works?
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    The irony!
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    Delete all social media accounts including *Stack Overflow* account? Tf HR
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    A bit late to the party but this sounds like Toby ,the HR representative of Dunder Mifflin paper company from "The Office", the series.

    "GOD Toby! You're a thief of joy!"
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    Also, you've got a snitch amidst you. Beware of that bastard!
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    Have a nice week! πŸ˜‚
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    @elvieeejo Nicely said! Always run away from the companies who hide their shortcomings and force their employees to run along with those problems!
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