I work in a fast-changing company. I find it difficult to deal with using new languages / tools every few months. How do you deal with it?

Also, hi! I'm new.

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    Take time to read the documentation! A lot of the time, you can find good blog posts or tutorials online. If you have any team members who are more familiar with the technology, review their code and ask questions if you can't find the answer on your own.

    Learning how to learn is a skill in itself.
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    @classClass good points, thanks. I'll try.
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    Never see changing technology as a burden. Ultimately, you'll realize that you're a rockstar not because you're good at the technology you're comfortable with, but because of your adaptability to learn a new technology and become good at it. See it this way, the time you spend learning the new tech, somebody who's stubborn to learn the new tech is getting left behind.
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    The only constant in this world is change. Embrace this :-)
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    Read books, Google questions, look for real-world examples, and try and try and try until something works 😂
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    Feel your pain. When I started programming, there were only a few languages around (relatively speaking) and you had literally years to develop expertise. Now they come out every other week and you have to adapt. The bonus is; you never have to be an expert. The scene changes too quickly and too often for that. As long as you know how to program ( I.e. know how to use a set of tools to fix a problem/achieve a desired outcome), then you will always be able to adapt. I'm learning Angular 2 at the moment, which I wish I'd learned about before, but hey...this is how it goes. Enjoy! 😊
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    At least, welcome!
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