I'm c# programmer for many years and I did everything I liked with c#. Like windows applications, web applications and etc. And because of core framework I can install web apps even on linux.
I know difference between c# and python.
My question is, Do I really need to learn python? Or I can continue with c#

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    First explain me how do you have an Avatar with just 4 ++?
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    You have deleted some evidence, didn't you?
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    @theabbie hi, I made it with few options which I had
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    Python is useful in scripting scenarios and extremely common in ops and cloud stacks, which makes it a good candidate to learn regardless of whether or not you stick with dotnet.

    I'm expert level with C# and dotnet, but I always encourage people to learn technologies outside of the bubble. Exposure to new ideas makes you a better engineer.
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    @Goudarz You need minimum 10 ++ for any Avatar, Anyways, Leave it.
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    @SortOfTested Your answer convinced me completely why I had to learn it anyway. Thank you
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    @Goudarz do you have any plan to learn anything popular on said language? (ML etc). And learning a new language is always good way to see programming from another side
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    @devTea I'm eager to learn new things and I don't like to stick to just one. Yes, I like. But I must know if puting energy and time on it worth it or not.

    I worked with c#, vb.net, vb6, sql, core framework, objective-c, swift and even pascal and fortran 😂

    What you suggested me to learn?
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    @Goudarz depend pn your preference honestly, just pick something that looks fun or interesting
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    Programming languages are tools, similar to the tools a mechanic uses.
    Each have their own pros and cons, and should be used in their specific use cases.

    I found that C# tends to become "big" whenever I use it. I.e. lots of files for various classes, interfaces and so on.
    It can be very useful if you're relying on object oriented programming, and in my humble opinion C# is probably the best OOP implementation that's around (and actually used).
    Is it the best choice if you want to something super simple? I'm not sure, I think I'll stick to a good ol' shell script if I can for these cases.

    On the other hand: “Python can do anything, just badly.” – Michael Reeves
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    That's not at all how Laplace's principle works.
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    According to the comments, I think it's better to continue using c# for my development. It seems python has no big advantage over c#. Am I right?
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    Python has significant advantages in scripting, cloud, FaaS glue code and cli-workloads. Dotnet is significantly better at running large, long running workloads and APIs.

    Select a tool when faced with a given problem domain based on appropriateness.
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    @SortOfTested You're right. I will try it. Thank you.
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