Who are you gonna “fuck”? Who do you “hate”? Who are you calling “motherfuckers” on the internet where your targets can’t see what you posting?

You look like you close the refrigerator door with your hip. I suck dicks literally and there is nothing to be ashamed of but you suck dicks metaphorically when you accept everything they require. That’s the difference between a gay and a faggot. I’m gay but I can say “no” to anything my client or my employer says without losing my job because I have the authority and I have the expertise.

You, on the other hand, have nothing. You only brave when no one can hear you and there is no repercussions.

That’s why you only act tough with delivery guys and cashiers.

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    If I want to tell my client “No”, I say “You mothefucker”

    That’s why my boss prohibits me to talk to the client.
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    Well, looks like we're learning something new every day.
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    I love this, is it a copy pasta?
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    @matt-jd subscribe for more of my original content. This rant is original as well
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    @uyouthe liked, subscribed and hit the bell icon :')
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    @uyouthe I fittingly downvoted this comment. A fitting punishment.
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    @uyouthe i don't care.

    Some people aren't worth it.

    Some I've insulted in a direct way.

    And sometimes I really talk about wanting to murder people in an official channel / meeting / phone conference.

    Noone gives a crap.

    And if they do - they're usually full of crap.

    "You can't talk like that" is the nice way of saying "I wish I could talk like that" in most cases.
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