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Updating firewall rules:

You can modify some components of a firewall rule, such as the specified protocols and ports for the match condition. You cannot modify a firewall rule's name, network, the action on match, and the direction of traffic.

If you need to change the name, network, or the action or direction component, you must delete the rule and create a new one instead.

REALLY???? goddamn delete and create a new rule to damn changing even its name???

And they wonder why their goddamn cloud won't take off? hell... how can this even be a Google product!!??

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    Theire db can only handle inserts. I forgot which db had that restriction for scalability. But they should have the resources for other dbs.
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    Be interesting to know how it works on their back end. Probably some reasons there.

    I haven't done anything on Google's scale with their firewalls or load balances but when I did work with such things once you start operating at a big scale you start to be concerned about a lot of simple changes and those knock on effects.
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    @p100sch WOW!! Didn't know that! We work with BigQuery but our data team has not encountered an issue yet. It seems Big Query is the only thing that really delivers some value in GCP (GKE is and was lit but we have so many offerings right now).

    People call it the "hidden cloud gem" or diamond... Or whatever... pricy rock.
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    @N00bPancakes couldn't agree more with you. Our stuff in GCP is manageable for now. If it was our main cloud... this right now could be a serious setback.
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    One answer would be that name is a key that can be used in other settings.

    But that sounds even more dumb.
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