Apart of the fact that WordPress itself is one big hack, my most creative hacky solution was making it (dev) environment friendly.

First, I created a DB pull and push tool in NodeJS (on TypeScript). Then, because WP is so clever and stores internal URLs in full length in the DB, I had to create a DB migrator (find & replace) and attached it to the DB pull task.
After this, of course WP still has its config in one file, so I used composer to install phpdotenv and filled the config with environment variables.
Bundled with some good ol' Gitlab CI/CD magic, the website is now 10% sanely developable.

It feels like having to shovel piles of shit, but with a golden shovel. Everything stinks as hell but at least there is a tiny bling to it, temporarily.

But in all seriousness: WordPress is a god damn fucking pile of tumors!

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    Yeah you are right. What place is this thing for some static type of works and for those who do not have to do with programming. What when you are doing with some dynamic work WordPress may fail
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    Went down that route, built tooling for handling WordPress sites from git, pr for plugin updates, ci/cd för testing and running on kubernetes.

    ended up scrapping the whole thing when went public for 5 days and got hacked and for serious performance issues
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    @ralnivar lol
    Ever since I've moved to CraftCMS, development has been pure joy 😄
    Damned shall be those customers who still cling on their crusty WP instances!
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