This really did happened to me in school.

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    That is why I've chosen IT related courses since I could (Computer Technician in high school, Bachelor in Computer Engineering in college) 😅
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    This is a Windows
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    "Today I'm going to teach you how to create a new folder."
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    This is a mouse. This is a keyboard. Uhhhhhhhhhhh.
    *pushes both together*
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    @devRantAsh best comment ever
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    @devRantAsh if this would be dumpert, +1 kudo.
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    Fun story: in Elementary school I've had bad grades from IT Science (*cough* MS Paint), just because I've didn't listened to teacher because I've knew all stuff from book! I've even knew how to make simple Flash game, and my class-mate who don't know NOTHING about computers had better grades (last he called me to help him with building computer... He didn't get HDD, or thermal paste, or OS license, or RAM). He had better grades, just because he made better tree in Paint 😂.
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    @mc86 What do you mean?
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    @mc86 thats what I did
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    Same thing happened to me,
    At the college the classes are FOUR HOURS once a week.
    So after four hours of the worst time of my life whent straight to main office to see about testing out.
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