so, flexbox.

and my only question is: why did it take CSS 30 years to get the features which it should have had from the start? now because of that, even this awesome thing is messy due to how the old features collide (or don't collide, i'm not entirely sure tbh) with it.

but maan, flexbox! now at least a part of css feels like a tool made to solve the problem it's supposed to solve, instead of layers of hacks that you can somehow hack into having the side effects which result in it doing what you want it to do!

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    Except for align-self....it doesn't work and was put in there as a joke to hurt us.
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    That last bit is the most accurate description of CSS I’ve ever read. 😂
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    @N00bPancakes you mean there’s no justify self instead we use weird margin auto
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    Yeah, align-self works just fine.
    justify-self is what's "missing" from Flexbox, it's a property of CSS Grid
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    @21stCenturyJoku I see how it is.... you're in on it... you're one of them...
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    I don't see the problem since it received support right after specs were published. Specs are like silver bullets - shots fired and they are stuck within the market for long 😂
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    @vintprox So true. In another career I had a long meeting with some engineers and we had a discussion about how while their interpretation of the spec was 'not wrong' if you read the TCP spec .... their internal logic for a given situation would never ever work in the real world... and TCP is decades older than CSS even.
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