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HRs on LinkedIn : A guy applied to us, he was a serial killer in the past and cooked the victims body and ate them. He was rejected by every company. But I gave him a chance. 4 years later ..he is the highest performing employee and my husband.

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    lol every other HR or so called 'influencer' is showcasing what kind of world saving super human are they..

    Somehow this time I see a lot of folks active on LinkedIn or talk about it and many are discussing about jobs.

    Funny how markets have evolved.
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    Ha... Shit! That's why subreddits like /r/QuitYourBullshit exist
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    What the?!
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    We hired an ex-con, who'd been in jail multiple times for burglary and theft. Everyone deserves another chance!

    The guy stole my laptop and disappeared.
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    @thatDude would be really funny if it wasn’t sad
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    @hasit - I guess he really likes eating some fava beans with nice chianti! ...
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    @devJs your comment was so awesome that for a second I didn't see the Js in your name.
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    @molaram haha devil is in the details! XD
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