How does it always go to this...

It is a rare occasion I get to be the only human being at home during evening time, so I really should make the most out of it (my own space and peace is really important to me, so living with another human being is exhausting, no matter how much I love them), yet I find myself yet again slouching on the sofa trying to figure out what to do and commenting on rants while time flies by and I find the hour so late there's no point in starting to do anything anymore...

What a waste of perfectly valid oxygen..

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    Sounds like you got just what you like — your own space and peace. Doesn't sound like a waste to me.
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    @electrineer yeah, I guess this is kind of what I needed... it's just that I would like to get stuff done that I don't like doing when someone else is around, or that I need the peace and quiet for in order to be able to focus on. Well, maybe another time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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