2nd day in new job. Random HR training blabbing about something (thanks God all remote so I just did things around house). Blabbing about diversity and other corporate brainwashing. Then she proceeds to say that if someone is introvert and doesn't like to interact with people then such person should look for work in some other company (wtf x1). Next in line her real life story how she yelled at her subordinates (wtf x2 who admits to mobbing xd ) but that's ok because she is choleric and people have to understand that different character types make their team better xD
I have a bad feelings about where this is going...

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    It's just HR, probably no need to stress, they're all nuts. I worked with a woman when I was writing HR software whose answer to everything was, "well, I'm a christian, so..."

    Me: "hope you guys have fun on your vacation!"
    Her: "well I'm a christian so..."

    Me: "is anyone going to need a veggie option at lunch?"
    Her: "well I'm a christian so..."

    Me: "how often will we need to run this report?"
    Her: "well I'm a christian so..."

    My jewish ass is still trying to figure out wtf that means 🤣
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    Because introverts are not included in diversity
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    Yeah let’s go jump off this big cliff cause what wrong can happen ?

    Let’s throw out this garbage cause what’s wrong can happen ?

    Well 2020 fucking happens.
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    Holiday Resort indeed... Making money while sleeping and making people follow your agenda, what a great job! I think I chose the wrong industry. Good luck and bail out if it gets too bad!
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    @electrineer "we want diverse people who are just like us!"
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    If you stay away from HR you will probably be fine, unless they have too much power and they are getting bored, then it might lead to some fallout..

    (this is one of the reasons I stay away from corporates, I don't have the patience to deal with this bullshit)
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    @SortOfTested well, I am a christian... but I don't get it either! XD
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