I love GDB on CLI!

I'm using an OSS tool for multi-threaded testing stuff, and it's nice but segfaulted after 30 minutes.

I was too lazy to set up an IDE project and click through tons of stupid shit, so I just compiled the tool with debug symbols, fired up GDB on CLI, let it run until a crash, got a strack trace and quickly found the problem.

I sent a bug analysis to the author, plus a patch which got accepted, done.

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    GDB on cli is nice, but have you tried GDB on GUI?
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    @arcsector No, and that's because I was too lazy. I don't like to wade through point-n-click adventures just to find a segfault. Just the raw CLI, gimme a stack trace, I can switch through the stack frames, and that's all I need to locate a bug.
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    brother I am not gonna lie, I always had this idea that if someone was using the GDB on cli it was you. How would you normally debug your work on C?
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    @AleCx04 I usually don't have such issues because I don't even trust myself when coding. With foreign code, GDB is my lazy option when I don't want to get into the code base and I've exhausted compiler warnings and CppCheck . ^^

    For really complicated shit in my own projects, I rely on the state between being awake and sleeping where I half-dream to the point that I see where things go haywire.

    Since management in my company is pretty backwards and would never understand that, I instead browse the internet during the day until I can go home and then lie down to do the actual work.
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    God I really wanna see x86 remote debuggers that are as good as BGB's debugger. For fucks sake, a Gameboy debugger puts most to shame...
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    Yeah gdb through cli is nice
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