actually, I'm reposting to this week's rant (Family support you got becoming a dev?) because I remembered some stuff. and also because reading other people's rants reminded me of stuff. The fam and I have changed dynamics, but there is a ten-ish year span that we kinda got along, and I constantly forget about it. (because what good does nostalgia do?)

So, about the fam support.
Parents were both devs. Engineers, to be specific. So yeah, I was around the material all the time. but I was not specifically interested and they didn't push it. (They were busy with other dramas in fam and society) I was more of a bookworm. an imaginative kid, who liked to spend time either reading a fantasy book, swim, play basketball or hang out with her friends. The whole programming thing came way more natural to me than one could imagine. Me getting into uni for it was pure luck because I didn't have the grades for the other thing I wanted. (which, thank fuck, I'm doing way better now) So yeah, the support was not really required. Except for food-clothing-shelter combo.

I did want to become an astrophysicist as a child tho, which they didn't really support. Bummer.

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    I was confushed for a second, since i saw roots rant and now yours. I thought they had reused that weekly question. i guess i haven't woken yet 😂
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    @Frederick hah. no. I realized I was a bit unfair to my parents tho. and that was partially triggered by her rant.
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    @NoMad Tbh, i think this weekly topic were probably one of the saddest, while reading so many rants were the person didnt have any support for their perents.
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    @Frederick Right ? How fucked up most of people are that children are escaping to virtual reality.
    Thank God for computer otherwise we will kill each other long time ago.
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    @NoMad perhaps they feared you'd break the universe with your astrophysics.
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