Unreal Engine fun continues...
so I need to set limits to rotations within a skeletal mesh. So in other programms, like blender, you can specify a limit per axis, setting max and min angle. Makes sense, right?

Unreal Engine:
1. Let's call rotations sometimes xyz, sometimes roll pitch yaw, and sometimes swing1 swing2 and twist so that nobody knows what it is anymore.
2. IK node 1: limits? what are limits?
3. IK node 2: ok, you can set angular limits but they are all symmetrical to god knows what and to all axis apperently.
4. Physics: yeah you can define joint constraints but we give you only symmetrical constraints also
WHY. Were does this make any sense? One node is not like the other, and they talk rotations but use 100 different terms for them, since, hey, why the f not. And let's limit everything symmetricly so you can only set one value or have to fiddle with offsets to achive the range of movement you want.

I mean, one could just stick to xyz (or even roll/pitch/yaw, whatever) and min/max but hey, that's one extra field and then it would be easy to use. Who would want that? ....

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    figured it out... goddamit it's ugly like this but whatever. fk it, a solution is a solution.


    still mad tho.
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    I love UE4 and think it's the best game engine out there, but it is a mess.
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    @neeno I can see why. Some things it does beautifully and I don't even mind Blueprints anymore at this point but some things are just... like... why?! there are many 3d programms which all interact with models in pretty much the same way. why did Unreal feel the need to come up with their own stuff, not document it properly and rename everything? damn. It's just so frustraiting at times.

    It can also not differinciate between meshes and bones if they have the same name. Come on. They are different objects entierly!

    Also the tree of the skeleton includes the meshes and makes them bones. why.

    sorry. it is cool, but at the moment we have a love-hate relationship.
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    @hasu I always had a love-hate relationship with it. I didn't use to work a lot with the artistic side of things (animations, meshes and shit) but I remember having a hard time with those things. To me, the biggest problem in UE4 is it's lack of a real scripting language for gameplay programming. Here are the current options:

    - C++: great, but if you have a null pointer the entire editor will crash, even with an SSD loading up a whole project takes like 30-40s.

    - BP: can be transpiled into c++ so speed is not an issue, but I find the code gets very messy over time.

    - Python: afaik it's just for writing editor tools, not sure if they'll ever let you write gameplay code in it. I also don't think it's a good language for game dev, games are huge and the lack of static typing is a big downside.

    - Skookumscript: seems cool but I never used it, not sure if it's good. Also idk if there's support for it in any IDEs.
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    I don't really like any of the options available in UE4, I think a language like C# would be great. There are probably other languages that would fit even better with game dev, but I can't think of any off the top of my head rn.
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    I would love it if they would at least have decend documentation for c++, but they don't. I can't do anything which is in AnimGraph in C++ without a huge hassle it seems. I went to blueprints now since I really can't be bothered to fight with the engine itself.

    It also bothers me that they don't support blender properly, or that it cannot import blender's constraints. I have a script to set them up in blender easily. But no. Unreal does not read it so I have to set everything within Phat by hand....

    also, just symmetric constraints in generall are the biggest bullshit I've ever seen. I do not seen any benefit in them whatsoever.
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    @neeno what about Godot? I don't know much about any engine and not advocating for or contra any one as well. Just curious.
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    @iiii I always wanted to try it out, but ended up never doing it. I grew tired of game dev because everything is just so frustrating, nothing ever works as expected, documentation is always shit, simple stuff is hard to do, slow compilation times, etc. Maybe one day I'll try it out, but for now I just can't bear working on games.
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    @hasu yep, I've also tried doing animation-related stuff on C++, it's a waste of time, energy and patience. Unfortunately BP is the only way for that.
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    it completly blows my mind how shitty it is to set up constraints for things in unreal. and why on earth is everything symmetrical?!
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