Dayli Progress DevRant PWA

- Rewrote RantScript in TypeScript - full isomorphic
- Cheap VoteBar component
- Double tap already implemented! (also cheap)
- You can see the user now (rant/comment)
- Comments are partially working (there needs to be some additional work for links)
- Some CSS so @uyouthe will be happy
- Login Form

Next Target:
Do the fancy profile like OmerFlame does.

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    Can we get animation off mode? I don't like dedicating clock cycles to pretty stuff.
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    Let’s fight. Our battle will be legendary!

    Just kidding lol. Though I am writing mine to compile to actual native assembly and not a web view. Faster and just more supported currently.

    Do you care to release the source? Would love to see what you did there.
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    @OmerFlame Sure, but currently it's on my private GitHub. Will do a seperate account for this. I'll keep you updated.

    @SortOfTested I can disable the page transitions, sure. But some elements - depending on the platform need to exist, like the tab switch effect for android.

    When the base features are working properly, I've got a few plans for configuration. ;)
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    @010001111 so let me just get this:

    You started after me and you are ahead of me?
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    @OmerFlame That's the point of the project, lol.
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    @010001111 My whole shtick is to make the app have the avatar editor, if you will finish your rewrite before me at least let me do that 🥺
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    @OmerFlame Actually, you're ahead with the editor and honestly I don't want to reverse engineer it too :P

    Personally, I just want a devRant that doesn't crash lol
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    Jusk kidding, for some reason you’re getting the worst of me and you made me super fucking competitive what is wrong with me I am never competitive about code lmao
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    If i wanted to use a js "app" with the default theme id just use the official app
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    @yellow-dog Mine doesn’t crash.

    And since it’s a PWA, you can install it like any other app, without any download size.

    Even what’s cached to run the app is smaller than the actual app.

    One codebase for Android and ios.

    Highly themable, this is just the base. I haven’t started themes.

    Edit: I even plan Tablet support, since some suggested it..
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    You can convince dfox to use your version instead of their web app, but it's understandable why he wants to focus on mobile app.
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