A lot of the string operations in Python, because they are named like shit.

First you have startswith. No underscore. Just two words glued together. No case notation, nothing. So ugly and difficult to remember when Python isn't your only language.

And then there's tolower. Wait, no, it's actually just lower. If we're gonna stick with the shitty naming, can we at least keep the two-words, no underscore thing? No, I guess it's easier to save those two characters.

And isupper, the function to get supper from your iPhone.

Yeah, it's small. But aren't most of our gripes about languages tiny anyways.

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    These inconsistencies keep piling up and, even if you catch the train, you'll get complaints about readability on the side eventually. Just oof.
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    I disagree with you; I think its more of a personal problem than a language problem.

    Never - str.startsWith()
    Gross - str.starts_with()
    Good - str.startswith()

    It is good because it clearly defines what it does.

    If “this text”.startswith(“this”):
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    @amoux I don't see how it is hard to remember when it is literally like how one would speak in English.
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