A team member keeps skipping the git hooks so he doesn’t have to fix the linting issues. What should I do?

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    1. Shit on him
    2. Give him more work and less freedom
    3. Steal his creds and inject more bugs into his code base
    4. Revoke his access
    5. Get him fired
    6. Reject his PRs or mark them as "requires work"

    Or just speak to him and understand why he does that
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    I wouldn't be surprised if IDE does that kind of service for him.
    You should really ask what's happening, first of all.
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    Perhaps you can use a GitHub action to automatically run a code formatter which applies the suggestions from the linter on every commit? Then it doesn't matter if he has linting issues or not when he commits code.
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    ask him not to
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    @vintprox I’ll ask him. Before I rage on
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    Why is this in joke/meme?
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    @Root my mistake
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    Spoke with him, had a nice conversation. He said he will check.
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    You could also move the checks to the push hooks. It will also have the added benefit of allowing him to use git as a version manager in phases where the code is temporarily ugly. Otherwise he literally wouldn't be able to switch branches until he removes all trailing space.
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    @Lor-inc yeah. I don't get the notion of enforcing developer to install yet another linter on their machine, if the thing can be done once and for all in CI.
    Having neat pipeline weights as gold. Luckily, existing services make it easy to start.
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