After working three months on this company I quit today. And with this would be 3 different jobs on the current year.

Rather be the rat who leave the ship than the drowned captain.

Only thing I can get out of this experience is don’t trust on companies that doesn’t do technical interviews.

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    Time to turn all the goings on there to good rants ;)
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    @N00bPancakes be sure of that, I have enough material for a whole year of rants lmao.
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    What kinds of company were you working for?
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    1- really nice startup that I had to leave due to low salary and not intentions to rise it anytime soon

    2- nightmare-like big corporation that is complete and absolute disaster. And to make it worst I was a even directly hired.

    3- nice looking medium size company(hopefully) that I’ll start working in two weeks, completely remote and with above average salary.
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    Grind it out a little bit on the next one. Don't wanna get a job hoppers reputation.
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    @SortOfTested yes hopefully this is the last one for a while, even though I lid a little bit in my resume and didn’t add that 3 month job, precisely for that.
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    @eptsousa do it! Rant!
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