Every function in any library in Go because it starts with a capital letter

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    i kinda like it, makes it easy to see if they are to be internal or imported functions. Os your dislike aesthetic?
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    @AleCx04 i have a bad habit of forsaking a language just coz i dislike aesthetic
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    They're capital because Go encodes visibility in the name, though. Uppercase => public, lowercase => private
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    @12bitfloat I'd have liked the visibility thing to be like Python.


    But then, I'm no Google and these are personal aesthetics.
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    @sudo-compile Both are pretty bad imo. Why not just a short `pub`. Then you aren't forced into any particular naming convention
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    @12bitfloat yeah rust is the modt beautiful i found so far
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    @sleek Also pretty flexible with `pub(in some::other::module)` and stuff like that
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