Does anyone else get that surreal feeling where you actually realise you're paid to sit and write a language which most of the world doesnt understand, no one can speak it, and the those who may have the capability to write it don't really want to understand?

I mean, I'm pretty sure that a book written in Latin wouldn't sell well enough to pay the author year-on-year.

Pretty much job security through obscurity.


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    I guess it depends on what you write in Latin... If it was useful for people, they would hire frickin translators... And there you go, that's your job, some times the books are written, sometimes they're not, and its your job to translate or write and translate these books so it can be useful for other people. And that's what you get paid for
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    Exactly why I enjoy working for non-techie people, yes it has its annoyances, but you could change the font on their website and they flip massive balls, like your a magician. Or better yet they look at your code and give your endless praise...

    Job security baby
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    @ditto what Nojil said!
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