So... Yesterday I ordered a meal and it had whole jalapenos in it. I didn't order jalapeños. I love the taste but I hate toilet visits after. Hence, was putting them aside. But then I got into that new code, jumping around this new project I'll be working on. We were getting intimate. I liked the architecture, I liked it a lot - it was using event sourcing and respected CQRS. Suddenly I realised I ate everything. Including jalapeños. And the only reason I noticed is because I was eating with my hands. And my eye got watery. And I wiped it.

So, yeah. Yesterday for the first time in my life I was pouring milk into my eyes. Does this count as a proper dev rant? I don't know. Fuck the protein interface that can't process simple food orders, though.

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    Seems fine to me.

    So, I was working with a bunch of IBM India people at my last client, they like spicy stuff. We actually got along well as far as personal shit.

    So anyways, their lead brings in some serrano peppers she grew. Growing up in hell paso, I am well accustomed to eating peppers galore raw. I take one, make sure they're all looking and eat the thing the whole, smile sweetly and say, "that's a damn good pepper."

    They're all looking at me horrified because they know it's a pretty strong pepper. The one girl in the middle asks, "isn't that super hot?!" I'm reply, "nah, it's fine. give one a try!"

    The girls on the team all pass, but the boys, well... They're boys. It was hilarious watching them all run to the restroom simultaneously.

    Totally worth the next hour nursing cold drinks.
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    @SortOfTested Okay, you've won. 😆
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    It happened more often than I liked during cooking...

    Not cooking for myself, but cooking for friends - eg. during camping (10 persons plus) or christmas / holiday / special occasions...

    It's stressful, but funny enough my brain can go completely blank while cooking. I wash hands regularly during cooking, but some stuff always sticks -.-

    So... very common for me to look after cooking like someone emptied a bottle of tear gas in my face...
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    The readers are the real winners.
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    Your nickname means “child porn right now”? Awful nickname.
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    @kiki Very Russian way of thinking. It's my actual name.
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