Fail to setup a printer on Windows and it's Microsoft's fault.
Fail to setup a printer on Linux and it's the user's fault.

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    @Jase I haven't used windows in years and would never want to leave Linux, I just noticed how unfairly people are treating these
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    That's just sums up two os in two lines 😂😂
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    Fail to set up printer on Linux it's your fault but you might be able to shift blame to Apple (I think they wrote CUPS)
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    I agree, but it seems people expect that you google, read forums and fuck around with packages to get somethings to work on Linux. But does it not work on the plug and play setup for Windows? Well then Microsoft can burn in hell and its not possible to use Windows at all.
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    @Drippydik iirc they bought it but didn't make it themselves.
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