Hi dev!, how do you deal with the dilemma of choosing between using a library (gem, package, plugins...) to implement a solution or building from scratch...
Use case: you are working on project x, you need to implement a feature, but stuck between importing a library ( however you will need to customize the library to fit in requirement) and building feature from scratch ( this may take you more time but you have more control).
I have been in both scenarios, whereby I use a library but spent 2 days on customizing, only for me to discard it and implement feature within 2 hours.
I had been in a situation where I build the feature from scratch, only to discover, a one-liner from a library could have saved me hours and whole stress.

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    Looking closer at the library before using it. Check Awesome-Lists

    In the case of most NPM modules, take a glimps inside the code.
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    First, is it a stable library that is well used and supported or does it match your use case perfectly.

    I would never use a library I would have to modify since that would make upgrading impossible.

    Incase I need more control I rather use smaller libs than one big one.
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    Also if you thing “it would be cool if that lib could do that as well” put that as an issue to the repo. Guy may want help to implement, which you could then do, or tell you: “idiot, rtfm, here the oneliner”

    either way a wain imo
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    1. Check the license.
    2. Is it stable and supported? (aka not last updated 10 years ago with 100 open issues)
    3. Does it cover the use-case perfectly?
    4. Does the code seem sane or does it smell?
    5. Is it worth it (to add this dependency), or can I make it myself in a better way within [reasonably short time]?
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