Some of my colleagues realised that I have a devRant account. Of course they peeped into my smartphone screen when I was reading some weird stuff on devRant. They went on to install devRant and uninstall it the next day after realising that it is not 'Tinder of Developers' :D

if(devRant != Tinder.developers()) uninstall;


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    What weird stuff on devRant did he peep to make his assume that it is a tinder for developer?
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    @mr-user : Some weird girl-looking avatar :D
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    He should have figure it out by name alone. or did he think it is a new progressive dating app which match you based on the compatibility of your rant :)
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    "Hey there, sexy! I had such a great time last night. Wish we could see each other sooner...

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    Grandpa , Grandma how did you two meet?

    "We meet on a lovely dating site called devrant".
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