what do you think about Qt. is it a good framework to dev desktop app

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    Bad license, like seriously bad if you are an indie dev and you would like to monetarize your work someday. I prefer Unity3D or Kivy.

    Otherwise, Qt as a product is really nice and I remember trying to get it to my old Nokia with Symbian.
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    @Artemix Don't think so, yet I adore CryEngine. It's quite heavy for casual usage though.

    CryEngine and Unity have one of the best licenses for indie developers + Cry gives you the whole source. If you are a company, you probably don't care and maybe you can afford to spend money on royalties or other unnecessary costs.

    For a single developer or a small team such crap is no-go, especially if there's no guaranteed demand.

    And although Unity isn't the best solution for desktop applications at all, it's better than paying 79$/month just to feed Qt moaaar or demand from user to set up the environment if a potential user can be a complete idiot bashing with leg to the keyboard.

    There are also other good frameworks/engines, I just pulled those two because I worked with them recently.
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    I would personally recommend using electron electron.atom.io it uses web technologies (HTML, CSS and js) and is cross platform

    For some ideas check https://github.com/sindresorhus/...
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    A few guys in my work were using it for a while and it seems very average. I think they're much better cross platform frameworks out there now. Also web apps have improved considerably, if you can use them I'd recommend that over anything (for most scenarios).
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