Yeah that's true because on this month every year hactoberfest comes and peoples destroy many GitHub repos and do spam PR's to win free swags.
But this year hactoberfest has changed the rules but this will continue.....

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    Why was PR even a way to judge it? I don't know how it worked, if someone can explain.
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    Fuckers miss the point of events like this
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    @theabbie Many peoples do spam pull request to earn free t-shirt and some swags.
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    @Shivanshh What kind of PRs though, genuine PRs? because if PRs that were approved is a way to judge it, then it's fair.
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    @theabbie Yeah I agree but for free t-shirt or free swags many persons do spam pull request because only 4 pr is done then you get free t shirt and stickers.
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    @Shivanshh ohkay, that was so stupid
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    I personally know people who just copy pasted some code to barely pass and get a t shirt
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    @uyouthe Yeah many peoples do.
    I know some of my friends who don't even know how to code and they just do copy paste.
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    From non-tech PRs I did some translation last year, this year also, but on projects that seemed cool to me, some of them are not even participating in hacktoberfest.

    I would never approve insignificant PRs such as some minor typo on readme.md because that's what those spammers do!

    Should be ok as long as PR is legit and adds at least some value.
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    Can anyone explain to me what hacktoberfest is...

    And why people are so obsessed with it?

    I usually buy my tshirts and don't see value in working in my free time to get a tshirt... Which itself is marketing, making me work for free promoting something that seems incredibly stupid.
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    @IntrusionCM it is incentive program for noobs to break the ice into submission of PRs to open source projects

    Yep that's kinda it. This year some dude made a video how to get free shirt without doing much, so now normies spam the oss repos with bunch of typo related fixes instead of the meaningful stuff.
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    @devJs Yeah many Indian big youtuber with more than 500k subs also made video that how to get free t-shirt.
    After many spam PR's and after 1 week hactoberfest changed their rules that if anyone does 2 invalid or spam PR's in hactoberfest then he is disqualified from future participation in hactoberfest.
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    Hm, I don't know if anyone has an idea what a fuckshit that is.

    If _meaningful_ contributions are made - okay.

    If _longterm_ contributions are the goal - perfect.

    But honestly - most projects are understaffed, work for free and exist on the very thin line between "hmkay" and "burnout".

    Sometimes _wanting_ to do good is more harmful than evil I guess.

    Because from the descriptions, this leads to a high peak of shit contributions in one month, which needs to be cleaned up and fixed without any viable contributions afterwards.

    So thin resources get thinner.
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    @IntrusionCM - you do realize that PRs on github repo have to be approved first, so the thing is that spammers are spamming with shitty PRs will never get approved and downside of this is whoever is approving PRs is wasting their time on that, so yeah, it is bad.

    On the other hand, I would approve Chinese or some exotic language translation PR on my OSS repo and would see it as a meaningful contribution.
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    @devJs of course PRs need to be approved.

    But someone has to spare time for doing that?
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    @devJs But this is from this year only from last many years who have to submit only PR's no matters it is merged or approved just pass the review period and get free tees and stickers.
    Hactoberfest will be more strict in future.
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