can't take this sh1t anymore, will start updating my CV today.

I have to steer wheels on this shitty php-related task with testing suites with latest guides written in 2014, code base of that suite got a shitton of changes.

When referring to original documentation and example that is not working and gives me loads of errors, community pricks just saying something like: don't use 6 year old tutorials!!! well, that is the latest I could find, so yeah -> basically go fuck yourself situation!

went alive from 1st part as I managed to make some hacky clusterfuck that works. now i had to switch library that has no documentation at all, has shitton of options and lattest update is like from 3 years ago, library that is connected had some breaking changes lately so to no surprise I can't get this shit to work!

Is whole php ecosystem just made of folks who simply doesn't give a fuck and latest knowledge update they had is like 4 years ago?

ofc I am excluding laravel community in this!

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    @superposition gherkins on codeception paasing things to appiumnpassing things to aws device farm passing result in the publishing fastlane pipeline!

    Gherkin and codeception part works, opens browser does the goddamn thing, but appium-codeception plugin has zero documentation and 13 things i can change in configuration! I gues its now down to perturbation of the different options
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    @superposition yeah, it is interesting if you think about it but the setup has been PITA until now!

    Well I'll handle it somehow, I always do! XD
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