My code won't sing back (-‸ლ)

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    line 80 trailing comma
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    @theuser Fuck me.

    I'm very lucky this isn't stackoverflow.
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    That indentation...
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    @uyouthe Looks like he's indenting logs with two spaces and the rest 4 (except the return statement). I actually like that system.
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    @theuser I never said it was bad
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    @GiddyNaya A linter would probably help you my good sir.

    Do you manually indent, or are you using something that lets you conditinally indent 2 or 4 spaces?
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    @theuser My indentations are 4 spaces but for the above block the console.log lines where copy-pasted from another block before i started editing its message, i guess the copied line was 2 indent spaces.
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    And my real problem lyes at line 89. (returning nothing when an object is expected)

    Thanks to @theuser
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    Looks horrible, thanks
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    if an if statement has only one statement, I like putting it in front, that looks sane and much more readable.
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    Mhhhh breakpoint please
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