I'm so sick of being forced to use CSS frameworks at work. Every time I see one of those HTML elements with 87 terribly-named CSS classes, I want to scream and break something

What's wrong with Vanilla CSS? Why is it so unpopular to just stick with plain CSS, I feel like I'm infinitely more productive when I can just write out some short CSS than trying to wrangle the dumbass CSS framework to do what I want it to do. Even things like Vuetify make me lose my mind with the stupid shit you have to do to get it to behave how you want it

Also, Material Design is ugly as hell to me

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    Material design looks like shit. I agree, that ungodly menu icon plus thing they want you to put in the lower right is horrible. (center is ok Devrant).

    Otherwise I really don't mind css frameworks.

    Every time I go to make something with any level of complexity my CSS explodes in terms of growth / managing it anyhow.
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    Material design as a pattern doesn't really mandate a thing in the right corner. Are you talking about the example components?
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    @N00bPancakes I like those right bottom corner action button things :/
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    Mixins/extends are your friend. The whole point of CSS is you shouldn't have to change your markup to change how your page looks.
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    @SortOfTested The floating action button:


    More so how Google uses it sticking it in the lower right, but a lot of people do the same.

    It's 'ok' on mobile because your hand is there. But on a big screen it makes no sense to me to stick an obvious action / menu item in the lower part of the screen.

    In fairness Google did move it to the top on desktop in google calendar... eventually.
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    Flexbox and grid made css frameworks obsolete. I like the ideas material design puts forward, but I think it could be done better
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    Because for some people CSS is fucking black magic. Just as stuff like PHP can be fucking black magic for people which is why there are easy to use frameworks for those people and others who find it easy or know it well might use vanilla PHP or write their own framework(s) (me, for example)
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    @linuxxx Problem is, it was (and still is) given that every project should use a CSS framework no matter how little sense it made.
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    @theuser I still think that this depends on the developer.

    I ALWAYS use a framework because otherwise the frontend will look like complete shit 😅
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    I don’t use frameworks and my frontend doesn’t look like shit. It only takes a great designer and a frontend developer with like one tenth of my css skills
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    @uyouthe impressive
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    Vuetify's CSS has lots to improve... And when it comes to overriding properties, I think it's really messed up. I wish there was some stable Tailwind+Vue components library, any idea?
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    CSS libraries severely affects performance, then only 2 options exist, either not use any library or fully utilise the library, In your case, using library is mandatory, so, there urge is justified. It sucks, but you can't start again. poor guy.
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    @N00bPancakes Material design started good and is suitable for some designs, but it was severely overused, everything is not supposed to be material design.
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    @N00bPancakes you mean the FAB (Floating Action Button)? I don't thing that it is a mandated rule you have to use it (it's just an option)
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    @theabbie yeah have to agree with you on that. Although Material Design provides great guidelines to design mobile-friendly interfaces, it's kin of a hit-and-miss on desktops though.
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