Start a new job.
It is amazing.
What, you will not pay my JetBrains? Ugh... cheap boss.
Do you call this scrum?
Now I need to build this dumbass feature.
Wait, all the seasoned people are leaving?
Why did I choose this place at first?
This sounds awesome.
Good salary.
Bye guys.

Start a new job...

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    I'm in the same spot. :/
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    Sorry it did not work out but good luck in the new job!
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    You said all what I'm thinking right now :/
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    Bad luck :/ better luck next time!
    welcome to the community :)
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    Good thing about IT is that it takes about week or two to find a new job if you are actually any good at what you are doing.
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    Omg! Really did not expect any reply! This is not happening now, but it happened recently and I just felt so bad at that time... and I didn't have DevRant back then! So hood to have this community now!
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    That time you feel like "why didn't I choose the other company". Happened to me aswell
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