Being a zoomer means leaving your favorite indie musician on repeat overnight for them to earn a bit more money.

Being a zoomer means never leaving a one-star review on your Uber driver because if you do this, they fire them, put them on an internal blacklist that is unofficially shared between such bloody companies and they'll never find a job and probably die of starvation.

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    Me, a millennial, when I was being thought about money, jobs, and wages as a child...
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    You know you could just donate to your favorite indie musician instead of wasting all that power, bandwidth, and mental space if you're actually listening.
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    @RememberMe or play on mute ?
    You won't get it, you're barely a zoomer :p
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    @ceee but why waste power and bandwidth though. The amount of extra money you'd be giving to the artist is hardly worth the effort. Donating is much much much more time and resource efficient for both parties.

    Typical zoomer, makes ill-considered economically poor decisions :p
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    @RememberMe your correctness offends me so, you're cancelled. ʕಠ_ಠʔ
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    @ceee oh no
    whatever shall I do
    My life is ruined
    My career is in shambles
    The pho I just made is missing one drop of fish sauce
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    @RememberMe you're gonna have to live with that. :P
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    @ceee I feel such r e g r e t
    I should go make a motivational video so that others can learn from my experience
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    @RememberMe you must !!!
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