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    - not killing anyone
    - understood partially the big fucked up mariadb 10.5 release, feel sad for dr m
    - survived bamboos fuckery and established dominance by brute force trial n error
    - analyzed and wrote the tasks for the next 3 months... big stuff coming, but after 1,5 years we'd be done with infrastructure restructure, ending at a 92 % migration
    - 8 % rest will become obsolete in 2021
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    console.loged some stuff...
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    @IntrusionCM What you do at work? Rocket science and part time hitman which you dont like?
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    I "saved" Persephone and brought her back home.
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    @Jilano Time taken to understand that reference is countably infinite
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    @sandeepbalan rocket science....

    Nah. Database expert says the contract.

    But largely DevOps/Programming/Database stuff. MariaDB evaluation cause I like the direction MariaDB has finally taken, but the 10.5 release has it's problems .
    Bamboo for deployment.
    Tasks since we need to migrate and reinstall alot of servers and services. Giant sukoban puzzle of what moves where and when and how.

    And not killing anyone... Was my personal win cause I'm frustrated and people behave currently like arseholes.
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