"Your next computer is not a computer" says Apple. Have you tried connecting your iPad to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor? If you're lucky enough to only use apps that natively support this setup, then more power to you. If not, I encourage you to try it. I made it 30 minutes before I got frustrated and moved back to my laptop.

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    * iPad didn't fill external monitor screen
    * Some Apps won't rotate, and the mouse orientation is backwards (left is up, up moves right,)
    * Native iPad App didn't do what I needed, I switched into Chrome, which saw the app was installed and switched back to the app.
    * The iPad shows the same thing on the external monitor and the tablet. No dual screen setup unless your app supports it.
    * I spent half of the 30 minutes still interacting with the touch screen, even though it was positioned away from me on the desk.
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    Tablets are usually pretty good for jobs outside of tech fields, and absolute shit for any tech job even including mobile app development.
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    Meh, an i pad. Same size as a laptop. Don't see the benefits of using it as a pc. A phone, that would be amazing. I did, i like it, but only one USB for my kb/mouse. So no charger. But i hope this will be the future, everywhere setups and you have only need to attach phone
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    @rooter Motorola had that a while ago, with the droid bionic. There was even a dock with screen/keyboard.

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    @rooter docks are incoming probably. After the desktop mode for Android is more robust and less of a nerd thing like it is now
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    Didn't Microsoft try that and failed hard?
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    @Lensflare Microsoft tried it and failed because Windows Phones weren't successful. If I'm not mistaken, Samsung has tried something similar, maybe with the blessings of Microsoft. They seem to be best buds these days.
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    Maybe when mm-waves get adopted and you don't need a cable between your display and your phone. But it's a bit silly to have a laptop that can only be used if a phone is connected.
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    @electrineer considering, people always have their phones with them, it's not that crazy
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    Ah, yes, the next step in "why buy a desktop when I can use a laptop?": why buy a desktop when a phone will do?

    you people make me sick
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    @rooter did it yesterday again. I take everything back. It was a hell. Was doing vim on juicessh. Shortcuts sucked, browser sucked, needed mouse a lot, main screen oriantation sucked, app drawer didn't want to show..
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