Excel rant.
I know excel is not a programming language, but it is what I deal with everyday.

My immediate boss is Japanese(Japanese company).

Our boss will occasionally add to the shared spreadsheet without telling us. We find out the next day by discovering that other sheets that reference to it are waaaay off. Or the big one is the mass amount of #ref all over the sheet.

I mean come on man, at least look around the large sheet first!

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    you *could* name your cells.... or stick the data in tables and reference them by the column names and vlookups or index/match
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    @cchings This a large scheduling file shared by six of us, all making changes to it throughout the day.
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    I went to a startup talk once where the speaker mentioned how many startup opportunities must lie in taking complicated things people build with Excel and turning them into standalone user-friendly products. If whatever you guys do in Excel is a problem for other businesses, you might have a good SaaS product waiting to be birthed
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    that's definitely what I'm building right now.
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    What programming language would work with a massive Production Long Term Schedule? I've thought of making my own for a side project, but I don't know the capabilities of the languages yet to choose one.
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