What do you people do if you feel like you are in rut? I mean I love programming and I love my job but currently I'm working on feature that has turned into a almost a never ending feature because of bad planning so know I feel like I'm stuck in that feature even though I'm working on side projects also but still I know I have to push and finish THAT project. Any tips/suggestions or things that you do to overcome these situations.

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    I not long got out of the other side of a 6 week project that became a 6 month project - you just keep pushing on.

    Plan your days work, not just per ticket but what you actually need to achieve by the end of the day. Plan the week at this level and you'll feel motivated as it's only a days work and no longer some god unholy project that won't go away.
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    when i’m in rut I try to find a likewise open female human and get down to it
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    That was my approach also but currently she is in different city. She's living with her family 😞
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    @MisterSingh find another one.
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    Google rut
    Then google how to get out of rut
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    Ask to bring in a colleague for ”knowledge sharing” and/or improved code quality by pair programming

    Collaborating on a boring project brought me out a rut once.

    Surprising how much nicer it is to be 2 on a boring project than to be 1.
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