Kids of these days will never understand this strugle

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    Ha pic reminded me of completing Solitaire !
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    And welcome @polambo !
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    That wasn’t a struggle, it was art until those error windows starting creating error windows.

    Welcome to devRant.
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    Does anybody actually know why this happened?
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    I always drew things with this.
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    @pilobasualdo applications continuously need to repaint their area whenever you move something in front of them. If a window B is in front of window A, and then you move window B, then the OS asks A to repaint the area previously occupied by B.

    When the application gets stuck it stops processing the event loop, thus it stops processing the "Invalidate" messages from the OS. Because of this, it won't not repaint its background and that shit will stay there to please ourselves :)
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    I had something similar 2 days ago using JMeter
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    @pilobasualdo Because dumbshit windows had applications draw directly to the screen instead of their own buffers, and only recently changed that in Windows 7 to avoid such fuckery.

    Also this screenshot is from mrdoob ;)
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    I once found an app called "Internet Explorer" in the Play Store (but it was removed some time after for whatever reason).

    It spawned one of these error popups and then allowed you to drag your finger across the screen to spawn more of them, it also spammed the appropriate sound effect πŸ˜„
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    The IT Crowd
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    It's a statement.
    "Our OS sucks, but you can play even with the error alerts."
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    I know it very well xD.

    My first computer is older than my age. It still runs very well after tuning and tuning and tuning... 😁
    With well i mean... It runs xD
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    @hugh-mungus Yea, but thebtime spent waiting was almost worse.
    I had some Idea and @Pizza also explained really nice how it works.
    So I guess since it was a technique to safe RAM, maybe Linux had it too in the early years.
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    Tis but an art 😱
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    Imagine this on a gaming monitor with 240hz refresh rate. 😨
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    @farkaskid Would be boring. Just black backgound because of the black frame around the window.
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    It was like a allowed Fork Bomb
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    I'll just leave this here: http://mrdoob.com/lab/javascript/...=
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