Hi everyone, I have a question about VPN and hosting.

I have rpi which runs ubuntu where I have several things running like nextcloud, transmission, minidlna, samba etc.

I want to use a VPN due to torrenting via transmission on the pi. I had used private internet access(PIA) before and I'm thinking to go back to them as I had issue only once with them.

Question is if I had installed their client and connected to VPN, would I still be able to access to my services over the internet? As per my understanding only the outgoing and incoming generated from outgoing should follow the VPN tunnel, therefore interacting with my pi with it's public IP should still be possible, am I right?

I'm a newb when it comes to web stuff so any help is appreciated, also you can recommend other VPN providers if you think PIA sucks for any reason.

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    You have to realize only thing VPN is doing is grabbing the requests you send and sends them as their own. Then when response is captured it sends it back to you. It does nothing else. So oyou could say it gives you different IP adress. And in very special cases where the network is configured this way VPN can give you access to a different local network.
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    @Haxk20 how did you edit your comment after so long time? Or maybe I just seen it late, anyway thank you once again for extra explanation too =)
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    @neriald i did edit it seconds after i posted it. You just didnt notice it i guess.
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