Today is nice... Since the rest of my team is in another country and they're off.

I'm in but I can actually take my time and get shit done at my own pace.

No distractions, no needing to explain things for the Nth time....

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    Spend it on writing documentation you can point them to when they return
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    @electrineer the documentation would be like: why can't u just Google it.

    The reason why it's the Nth time is bc I'm explaining it to the same person.... In a different way so maybe they get.

    Otherwise yes I go RTFM
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    Also I have other stuff on my to-do list. It's just that for once I can finally get it done... Sorta...

    Some non-work related distractions still came up.

    But say least no external pressure to get stuff done for a day.
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