Question to the ones one here, that also suffer from insomnia occasionally.
How do you manage to pull through the day, with very few or no sleep at all?

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    Coffee. Lots of coffee and you can pull through the working hours just fine. After that, hope you don't have to have energy for anything
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    ^^ this
    Coffee as I wake up
    Coffee around 10 to keep me going
    Coffee around 3 to prevent snoozing off
    Coffee around 8pm to get through the night

    If I miss that 3pm one I'll crash around 5pm and sleep like a log.
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    I drink some coffee. Wfh so I can eat quickly and sneak in a 20 minute nap. Sleep away the weekend.
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    One day is easy with no sleep if it's just office work. If the job involves something potentially dangerous, such as electrical work, you need to quadruple check everything.

    I wouldn't drink more coffee than usually because it doesn't have any good effects for me.
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