Homelessness drops to zero

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    Why don't homeless people just buy a house?
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    @theabbie they have to learn python first

    Having a laptop should not be a problem for the homeless people in the Netherlands. I recently saw my favorite homeless that I donated a lot cycling around on a electric bicycle 😓
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    There was an experiment actually. They gave a homeless guy a laptop and taught them how to code for android and look for freelance orders. He successfully earned money on his own for quite some time and then just stopped because he actually enjoyed being homeless more than having a stable income.

    This may mean that some homeless people are homeless because they feel better this way. I think not all of them though
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    @uyouthe it's weird that a homeless wants to do the effort of learning to program. If he's still motivated to do something, why is he homeless? OK -> your guy there is special case. But many times it's choice I guess
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    @rooter even though this opinion is unpopular, I think that SOMETIMES it’s a choice. Not always though
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    I talked to certain homeless people. Don’t ask how or why. The main pattern I can see in how they think is their answer to anything is always something like “how do I know?” Or “why should I know this?”. It was never “I thing it’s because X”. I have small and irrelevant group though
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    So the solution for poverty is a snake!
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    @uyouthe your exactly right. A lot of homeless stay homeless because they like there way of living. Bumming and not working. Theirs a reason why they are considering vagrants in most countries. Many are criminals and are dangerous. Not all. I've met some wonderful people who are homeless. Hell I was homeless once upon a time back in the early 2000s for several months. But I did something about it.

    My city made it illegal to give them money. If you get caught you get fined. So that 70 cents you gave the bum ends up being several hundred dollars if you get turned in or caught. Not worth it but I still see people risking it.

    Also the homeless reminds me of the fellows in prison who get institutionalized and keep commiting crimes to keep getting put back into the system where they have everything they need. A regime, they are used to that involves little to no work.

    On another note some are homeless because of losing jobs or mental illnesses of course this can't really be helped but you can let others help you or go apply for a shit fast-food job just to get yourself back into working and work you way into a better living situation. Which is what I did.

    I once went out and bought several hamburgers and started passing them out around downtown. Some would flat out refuse the food. I don't know if it was pride or fear of poisoning. This was a decade ago about now so The Rona wasn't an extenuating circumstance.
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    @rooter if he's doing that well maybe you should stop enabling him.
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    @maddy97 i think i just upvoted your comment for the second time. Can you see this? Because I think i made your one upvote in a two, and now made it a three
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    @rooter and then i got a red zero on my new comment. Buggy day
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    @theabbie do you know how hard it is to get a home loan. Let along any loan if you can't prove income or have good credit? Very difficult in America at least. @rooter

    Weird I'm seeing like 6 likes on your first comment and multiple on others.
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    @stub How difficult is it to understand a Joke?
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    @stub I was not talking about my first comment. It's a six here as well. I don't care about the upvotes, but i think i really upvoted a post from someone two times. That would be a very weird bug. Is backend restricted I hope. Or I downvoted it accidentally and the red zero bug occurred. I doubt, i'm sure that I made the second upvote of that post
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    'learn to code'

    our galaxy brain govt. did this recently

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    @maddy97 hmm, well. Probably it failed on backed and frontend just incremented the number. Tnx for checking. Couldn't sleep without knowing 😂
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    The Netherlands are that bicycle-friendly - even the homeless have e-bikes there...
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    @Oktokolo I should probably education myself I guess. I'm really just going by the wankers here who bum with signs and have a BMW parked around the corner.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it would be the result of some extremely biased tradeoff calculation.
    Maybe, some (the homeless aren't a homogenous group) just value the freedom of not having to do stuff they dislike so high, that being homeless just always wins against being an android app generator or doing any other assembly line work in the long run...

    I would not start professional coding today. Back then, when i started, it was a pretty open field where you could just start without any formal training and learn it on the job by doing.
    Computer science back then was really only about math and math research. So employers where happy to get anyone on board who wanted to code.
    And they where okay with only getting greenhorns with the will to learn.
    There where no huge libs or frameworks yet, so you could have all the fun building them yourself instead of just lego-ing together what others have built before.
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    Owning any car is pretty expensive.
    I wonder, how they manage to get that maintained by just asking random people for money in the meat space - while online news having multiple orders of magnitude higher visibility aren't able to do business without paywalls, ad walls and absurd amounts of tracking scripts.
    Maybe, the donation model is a viable option for the caberspace too.
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    @rooter I probably work with him now!
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